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A design lover’s guide to Paris

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Journal - A design lover’s guide to Paris - Body Image 4 For Kira, light emerges as a transformative force

Born and raised in Paris, Kira’s founder and lighting designer, Roman Akira Frankel uncovers how the city’s mesmerising architecture continually serves as inspiration for Kira’s soulful designs. Here, we dive into the studio’s beginnings and reveal Roman’s treasured Parisian pockets for your next visit… 

The Paris-based lighting studio surpasses ordinary lighting trends with timeless pieces, defined by glossy ceramic bases, eggshell linen shades and playful silhouettes.

‘I was born in and have lived in Paris for most of my life. It’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Every district has its riches, every building or street has its own intricate details which can be an immense source of inspiration. It's essential to create an object that makes sense and is part of a coherent personal creative process.’

Drawing from the curves, textures and lacquered finishes of Japanese design influences, Kira is the home of high-end lamps. Yet Roman explains ‘that does not necessarily imply ostentation’.  ‘Something very refined can be expressed through a pure line, a deep colour, or precisely diffused light’, he says. ‘It is through this balance that the object makes sense and elicits an emotion.’

Journal - A design lover’s guide to Paris - Collage 5

Toshiro and Yoshiko Table Lamps by Kira.

‘The history of Paris and France in general is punctuated by evolving architectural and aesthetic styles. All this richness is part of my spectrum, and allows me to crystallise the very essence of my sensibility in my creations.’

Bois de Boulogne lake

Stroll around the Bois de Boulogne lake. A tranquil spot separated from the city and surrounded by nature – perfect for a breath of fresh air.

Le Comptoir

Fill up on flan at the 6th arrondissement and lunch on the terrace at Yves Camdeborde's restaurant, Le Comptoir.

9 carrefour de l'odeon 75006

Hotel Saint James

Journal - A design lover’s guide to Paris - Body Image 5 Hotel Saint James ©Saint James Paris

Decorated by Laura Gonzalez, afternoon tea at Hotel Saint James is a must. Hunker down in the historic library in winter or soak up the sunshine in the private garden during summer months. A win win all year round.

5 place du chancelier adenauer 75116

Journal - A design lover’s guide to Paris - Body Image 6 Hotel Saint James Garden ©Saint James Paris

Takara Restaurant

Tuck into some Japanese delicacies at Takara. A nostalgic restaurant with dishes that transport Roman back to his grandma’s kitchen.

14 rue molière 75002.

Soces Restaurant

Top off the day with a seafood feast at Soces restaurant – not only famed for its food, but a spectacular reimagined Haussmannian interior.

32 rue de la villette 75019

Journal - A design lover’s guide to Paris - Collage 6

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