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Chris Haines


London, UK

Emerging London-based artist Chris Haines is concerned with how people use spaces, inside and outside. Drawing on his background in landscape architecture and urban design, his paintings explore the eerie beauty of abandoned buildings within the fabric of the city.

Chris Haines

I paint to escape, honestly and truthfully. The process is incredibly therapeutic and liberating for me and offers my mind the opportunity to travel somewhere else - often slightly unworldly.

Chris studied a BA in Landscape Architecture at Sheffield University before progressing onto an MArch in Urban Design at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. Eight years after graduating, during the pandemic, Chris began to paint and has spent recent years developing his growing body of work.

Full of intrigue, his works are inspired by feelings of solitude and often depict hollow shells of infrastructure in desolate settings. Reminiscent of the work of English artist David Hockney and American realist painter Edward Hopper, these bold, semi-brutalist and sometimes modernist structures are brought to life in acrylic on canvas using contrasting and uplifting colours that bring joy and vibrancy to his compositions.


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Chris Haines

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