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The Shakti Design Residency

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Introducing The Shatki Design Residency, our annual initiative to support emerging international design talent.

We’re thrilled to launch the Shakti Design Residency in India, a new annual initiative to support emerging international design talent. In collaboration with Basic. Space, a curated vintage digital marketplace, the residency aims for participants to create a capsule of sustainable and innovative pieces that reflect their time in India. It offers a unique opportunity to explore, learn, and create in a culturally rich and inspiring environment.

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The name ‘Shakti’ comes from a Sanskrit word meaning ‘power’, ‘energy’, or ‘strength’. It is a word with strong associations with empowerment, creativity, and the active and dynamic forces of the universe.

“The Shakti Design Residency is an ambitious initiative I have envisioned for quite some time. The timing feels particularly important now as we witness a global shift towards valuing craftsmanship and innovation in design. India is increasingly recognised for its technology expertise and a willingness to embrace the role of design in the creation of a better future.” – Shalini Misra

Aimed at design graduates and postgraduates, the four-week residency in New Delhi and Jaipur enables four successful applicants to immerse themselves in Indian craftsmanship and culture, visit workshops, and collaborate with local artisans alongside an international panel of world-leading design and creative mentors.

The prestigious jury includes Benjamin Paulin (Designer, Paris), Nina Yashar (Gallery Owner, Milan), Marcin Rusak (Designer, Warsaw – London), Alexis Georgacopoulos (Director, Ecal, Lausanne), Yves Behar (Designer and Entrepreneur, San Francisco), Sonali Rastogi (architect Morphogenesis), Shalini Misra (designer and entrepreneur, London) and Jesse Lee (founder Basic.Space, LA).

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The first residency, which will run from 1 to 25 October 2024, is organised in partnership with Jesse Lee, founder of innovative design retail platform Basic.Space. Shalini Misra’s extraordinary Farmhouse and grounds in New Delhi will serve as the hub for this exciting program.

“Partnering with Basic.Space was a natural choice, and all our jury members truly appreciate the importance of fostering a new design vision. Our aim is to bring all these elements together to create a transformative and enriching experience for the participants.” – Shalini Misra

Each participant is paired with a local artisan of their choice from a curated shortlist to foster collaboration and cultural exchange. The most outstanding pieces are put into production and offered for sale on Curio.Space and Basic.Space.

“India currently has the fastest growing economy in the world, which will then lead to more diverse opportunities for next-gen creatives. I am delighted to participate in the inaugural design residency where we can help provide a platform to showcase amazing designers.” – Jesse Lee, founder of Basic.Space

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