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Indoor Outdoor Living: Craft Your Garden Oasis

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Delve into the art of designing a garden sanctuary that gracefully combines indoor cosiness with outdoor serenity, crafting an elegant indoor-outdoor living space.

Amidst our hectic schedules, striving for a balanced lifestyle can be achieved with a harmonious connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. This combination blends the comfort of the indoors with the calming presence of nature, offering solace and relaxation. When designing a peaceful garden retreat, the main focus lies in shaping indoor outdoor living spaces that transcend beyond conventional gardens and patios and are tailored for rejuvenation and entertainment.

From carefully selecting designer outdoor lighting to luxury outdoor furniture, discover how to create a tranquil garden oasis that maximises the therapeutic benefits of nature.

Blur the Boundaries

The first step to creating a seamless indoor-outdoor space is to expand the living area and blur the boundaries with open-plan layouts, glass sliding doors, and large windows that capture the scenic views. Choose flooring materials like hardwood, stone, or polished concrete to create a cohesive transition between the two zones. Consider a retractable roof on patios that offers shade and protection from the elements, ensuring the indoor outdoor living space is enjoyable in any weather.

Luxury Alfresco Living

Elevate your outdoor living with a sophisticated alfresco design and achieve a high-end lifestyle by merging indoor comfort with outdoor elegance. Establish distinct zones for lounging, dining, meditating, cooking, or working by installing an advanced outdoor kitchen, a bar, a pergola for shade, and a fire pit for warmth. Ensure space efficiency, privacy, and natural harmony to create your ideal outdoor retreat by integrating designer garden furniture and premium materials such as wood, marble, and all-weather fabrics.

Journal - Indoor Outdoor Living - Body Image 32 Cartagenas Reina Chair by Ames Living

The Caragenas Reina Cocoon chair, designed by Sebastian Herkner, brings vibrancy and eccentricity to outdoor spaces, elevating the concept of luxury alfresco living. Inspired by Cartagena, Colombia, it combines elements of a throne and beach chair with an oval-shaped protective roof crafted in Bogota using a detailed weaving technique.

Invest in Comfortable Furniture

Opt for comfortable and durable luxury outdoor furniture that balances style and resilience by choosing materials and fabrics that endure outdoor exposure. Arrange furniture to extend your indoor living area outdoors with multiple seating areas for different purposes, enhanced by plush cushions, throws, and shade solutions for ultimate comfort. You can also consider sustainable, weather-resistant pieces and incorporate innovative, ergonomic, and multifunctional furniture that complements your garden's aesthetics.

Journal - Indoor Outdoor Living - Body Image 33 Santorini Green Dining Chair by Mediterranea Design

The Santorini chair by Mediterranea Design features an innovative 3D-printed wave-like form crafted from lightweight PLA bioplastic in a single piece. Inspired by Santorini's iconic roofs, its curved seat and textured surface blend decorative charm with functional design.

Lighting is Key

Designer outdoor lighting can completely transform your garden oasis into a peaceful nighttime escape, enhancing the mood and providing safety through well-lit pathways and dining spots. Choose from a variety of options like string lights, lanterns, solar-powered fixtures, and landscape accents to create the perfect outdoor atmosphere. Experiment with different types of luxury garden lighting to highlight essential areas like dining and seating spaces, pathways, and landscaping. Task lighting such as spotlights or pendant lights can also accentuate specific features. Note that by coordinating with indoor fixtures, effective outdoor lighting improves both functionality and design aesthetics.

Journal - Indoor Outdoor Living - Body Image 34 Hymn I Floor Lamp by Mariza Galani

Hymn, designed by Greek lighting artist Mariza Galani, is an outdoor light fixture sculpted from travertine stone in a pyramid shape. Hand-chiselled to showcase natural pores and textures, it features a brass housing with an oxidised patina that blends with the outdoors. This designer outdoor lighting elegantly illuminates with reflected light, merging natural beauty with functional design.

Focus on Landscape Design

Strategic landscaping harmonises indoor and outdoor environments through trees, shrubs, and flowers for privacy and shade, accompanied by potted plants or a vertical garden to encourage a connection with nature. Luxurious spaces with swimming pools can be enhanced with cascading fountains and poolside loungers while the sound of water from a fountain or pond creates a tranquil atmosphere, attracting wildlife and adding visual appeal. Enhance the serene environment with designer outdoor lighting and lush textiles, embracing a Zen Garden aesthetic with minimalist design touches.

Personalise the Outdoor Areas

Ensure your indoor-outdoor living design reflects your unique style by personalising it with weather-resistant rugs, cushions, outdoor dining tables, side tables, floral arrangements, and accents that add colour, texture, and comfort, transforming the space into an extension of your aesthetic

Journal - Indoor Outdoor Living - Body Image 35 Caribe Chic Moss Green Low Side Table by Ames Living

Sebastian Herkner's Caribe Chic low table draws inspiration from Colombia's Huila region, where the Tatacoa Desert meets the Rio Magdalena. This vibrant accent table is handwoven by Colombian artisans using the "momposino" technique with recycled PVC, it features earthy tones and intricate patterns.

What to look for in outdoor lighting?

Consider durability and functionality when selecting outdoor lighting and opt for materials like aluminium, stainless steel, brass, or copper. Designer outdoor lighting can be classified into dry, damp, or wet-rated categories, each designed for specific weather conditions where dry-rated fixtures are suitable for sheltered areas, damp-rated for spots shielded from direct exposure, and wet-rated for locations subjected to rain and wind. Opt for luxury garden lighting that complements your home's architecture and creates the desired ambience, including eco-friendly and flexible options like solar-powered fixtures.

How to choose and maintain outdoor furniture?

When choosing luxury outdoor furniture, prioritise natural woods like redwood, teak, cedar, and cypress, alongside materials like rattan, wicker, steel, wrought iron, aluminum, plastic, and PVC. Choose UV-resistant and fade-resistant fabrics such as acrylics, polyester, and treated canvas for outdoor furnishings, ensuring durability and weather resistance with water repellency. Maintain designer garden furniture with regular cleaning using mild soap and water, protect them with covers during harsh weather, tighten hardware as needed, and apply recommended protective coatings.

Embracing indoor outdoor living design transforms spaces into luxurious retreats that surpass mere design trends. By combining functionality, comfort, and personal style, you can create an outdoor sanctuary that connects deeply with nature's beauty and enhances your overall health and well-being. Explore's outdoor range to find furniture and lighting fixtures that can elevate your outdoor living experience.

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