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Elegant Essentials: 10 Quiet Luxury Interior Design Pieces for Every Home

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Learn about Quiet Decor, what it is, how to choose luxury interior design pieces that reflect timeless sophistication and minimalism.

As quiet luxury gains momentum, the understated design trend effortlessly transcends from fashion into home decor, prioritising investment in minimalist, high-quality pieces that embody perpetual elegance. The quiet luxury trend values class by creating serene and sophisticated spaces through restraint and thoughtful design. The emphasis is on selecting refined home decor elements that seamlessly integrate into your home's overall design aesthetic.

What is Quiet Luxury?

The Quiet luxury interior design trend is characterised by subtlety, integrating bespoke home decor pieces into interior spaces with muted colour palettes, natural materials, and a seamless aesthetic, without loudly flaunting its cost or branding. This design style prefers restraint over excess, to evoke a tranquil and sophisticated environment. Additionally, quiet luxury celebrates conscious craft by carefully considering the maker, craftsmanship, and production methods for each décor element.

Explore a curated collection of 10 interior design pieces that epitomise the quiet luxury trend, reflecting how this shift profoundly influences our approach to consuming luxury goods.

1. Quality over Quantity

To achieve an interior that radiates effortless elegance and the quiet luxury trend involves the less-is-more approach, prioritising high-quality pieces with clean, minimal lines to create a sophisticated ambience.

Journal - 10 Quiet luxury interior design pieces - Body Image 32 Balance Dark Bronze Floor Lamp by Square In Circle

The Balance floor lamp harmonises elegance and minimalism with a rounded, tapered alabaster marble base supported by a dark bronze pole attached to a central powder-coated metal ball joint. Inspired by the modernist era, this lamp features light sources at both ends which includes a frosted glass globe and a semicircular dark bronze shade, offering both practicality and sophistication.

2. Prioritise Premium Materials

Quiet luxury is a refined expression of good taste using high-quality natural materials such as wood, silk, linen, travertine, and marble, known for their timeless appeal.

Journal - 10 Quiet luxury interior design pieces - Body Image 33 Alba, Gaya and Lena Coffe Table by Le Berre Vevaud

Handcrafted in Italy by Le Berre Vevaud, the Lena coffee table features solid tulipwood and a Carrara White marble top with intricate grey veining, highlighting artisanal craftsmanship and the use of deep lacquer finishes alongside refined materials.

3. Opt for Muted Tones

Quiet luxury interior design favours muted hues and a neutral colour palette, focussing on warm neutrals like off-white, taupe, and beige, alongside nature-inspired tones such as sage green, terracotta, and soft blues, creating a serene and luxurious atmosphere.

Journal - 10 Quiet luxury interior design pieces - Body Image 34 Column Onyx XL Table by Lisette Rützou

The Column Onyx XL Table, designed by Danish designer Lisette Rützou, draws inspiration from ancient columns. It pairs a fluted metal base with a circular onyx tabletop, blending coral-red steel and natural stone for a striking contrast.

4. Refined Illumination

Soft and ambient lighting characterises the quiet luxury trend, with statement light fixtures and clean lines providing subtle, elegant illumination for refined interiors.

Journal - 10 Quiet luxury interior design pieces - Body Image 35 Yoshiko Red Table Lamp by Kira

Unveiling graceful curves, the Yoshiko desk lamp features a layered lampshade that accentuates the delicacy of its elegant base. With a burgundy lacquer wash on the ceramic arch contrasting against the cylindrical brass legs and fixtures, this minimalist fixture radiates sophisticated illumination, embodying elegance and refinement in interior settings.

5. Invest in Heirloom Pieces

Valuing enduring elegance and craftsmanship, quiet luxury interior design advocates for heirloom-quality furniture and rugs that withstand the test of time, transcending passing trends and promoting sustainable interior decor.

Journal - 10 Quiet luxury interior design pieces - Body Image 36 Liminal Sofa Bronze by Atelier Ashiesh Shah

The Liminal Sofa by Ashiesh Shah combines comfort with playful forms, enriched with sacred significance. Its curved design incorporates spherical pillows, arched supports, and intersecting backrests that evoke the ‘lingam,’ a symbol of the Hindu god Shiva. With sculptural legs offered in bronze or marble, this standout piece creates a distinctive space for rest and conversation, suitable as an heirloom.

6. Add Captivating Wall Décor

Wall art plays a pivotal role in enhancing quiet luxury within home décor, blending modern elegance and artistic expression into the space.

Journal - 10 Quiet luxury interior design pieces - Body Image 32-1 At the Place Where We Met I Wall Art by Christina Hesford

The statement-making artwork "At the Place Where We Met" by Christina Hesford showcases her handwoven and knotted creations, challenging conventional ideas of value and purpose. Each piece is decorated with knots that symbolise meaningful human connections, with individual knots representing singular interactions and clusters representing daily connections.

7. Luxe Tactility in Decor

Tactile pieces contribute to the essence of a quiet luxury trend, adding a refined touch to home decor through their craftsmanship and sensory appeal.

Journal - 10 Quiet luxury interior design pieces - Body Image 37 The Kapok Noir Vessel by Tania Whalen

The Kapok Noir bottle, a sculptural vase by Tania Whalen handcrafted in Brooklyn, showcases a tactile matte texture, a hand-carved surface, and an unglazed finish. It stands tall with a uniquely textured raw exterior and a glazed interior, featuring a ruffled wide opening ideal for displaying floral arrangements in a serene and luxurious setting.

8. Opt for Luxurious Fabrics

Plush textiles embody the quiet luxury trend, that enhances comfort and aesthetics in home interiors with a minimal colour palette.

Journal - 10 Quiet luxury interior design pieces - Body Image 38 Nika Zupanc Strings Ivory Armchair by Scarlet Splendour

Crafted by Slovenian designer Nika Zupanc for Scarlet Splendour, the Strings armchair offers comfort and luxury with its distinctive curved silhouette. Upholstered in luxurious boucle fabric from Italian textile house Dedar Milano, this stylish piece invites relaxation and enhances the aesthetic of any interior.

9. Add a Surprise Element

Introduce a unique blend of materials and geometric shapes to elevate understated elegance in your interior decor for added depth and dimension.

Journal - 10 Quiet luxury interior design pieces - Body Image 39 Capri Table Lamp 2 by Brajak Vitberg

The Capri table lamp by Studio Brajak Vitberg blends travertine with polished brass details, achieving timeless elegance. Emphasising minimalist style with maximum impact, this lamp integrates an off-white cotton shade that evokes the serene coastal ambience of the Mediterranean and the tranquil lifestyle of Capri.

10. Explore Bespoke Crafts

Quiet luxury is found in bespoke pieces alongside vintage items that carry a profound narrative, showcasing refined craftsmanship that resonates with cultural and artistic heritage.

Journal - 10 Quiet luxury interior design pieces - Body Image 40 Wormley Dining Chair by Duistt

This Wormley dining chair from Duistt draws inspiration from mid-century American designs, featuring a streamlined wooden frame reminiscent of 1950s furniture. Handcrafted in Portugal this distinctive piece combines a curved form for lightness and dynamism, complemented by a woven cane backrest and a cushioned seat.

Quiet luxury in interior design emphasises serenity and quality craftsmanship, resulting in elegant and sustainable interior decor that enhances comfort and sophistication in any space. Discover curated pieces by global designers and artisans, exclusively on, perfect for those embracing the quiet luxury trend in home decor.

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